Waffle Slab & Formwork

Selling Waffle Formwork

One of Zagros Bana's main services is selling one-way and two-way waffle formworks. Appropriate formwork type for your project will be selected according to the design of the structure. This company could provide formworks which are guaranteed and have the best price for dear builders and contractors.

Buying Waffle Formwork

If the builders or contractors after completion of their projects intend to sell formworks, Zagros Bana Company is ready to buy their second-hand formworks. In addition, Zagros Bana Company could give a warranty in the contract to purchase all of the used waffle formworks at the end of the project.

Renting Waffle Formwork

In some projects renting waffle formworks is offered to the costumers where purchasing is not economic. In the other hand, Zagros Bana Company could provide new or second-hand Waffle formworks based on the customer's requests.

Waffle slab design

Waffle slab design is a professional work. Although slabs have small cost compared to the total cost of a structure, but it is one of the most important elements of a building. Therefore choosing an appropriate slab system such as waffle slab is very important and needs to be designed perfectly.

Waffle slab construction

Waffle slab is one of the novel slab systems which needs a specialized designing and a technical team for construction.

Free consultation & guidance

Choosing the right structure system (concrete or steel, etc.) or the right load-capacity and slab system requires experience and technical knowledge. Expert engineers at Zagros Bana are ready to provide consulting services and review your structural and architectural plans for free.

One Way Waffle Slab Formworks

One-way formworks create parallel cast-in-place joists in the slab and reduce the cost of the project by eliminating the unused part of the slab’s concrete. In spite of concrete blocks, ionolite or foam, waffle formworks could be removed after the concrete is cured. So this makes the possibility of using one series of waffle formworks on all roofs of the project.

On the other hand, cast-in-place joist make better integration with lateral beams and columns. The use of waffle formworks with an axis to axis distance of 70 and 60 cm reduces rebar and concrete consumption and subsequently reduces the price of slab compared to the case that traditional block joists have been used.

Waffle Formwork with Lock

Waffle formworks with lock are the newest and most advanced formworks. Each formwork has a simple lock which make a joint to the next formwork which cause an integrated form in the slab, ease of implementation, high safety and increase the construction quality. Waffle formworks with lock, have a thickness of 5 cm at the bottom edge, which makes them easy to employ with metal casts.

Two-way Waffle Formwork

These types of formworks, which have two-way function in load transferring, create orthogonal beams with different thicknesses. The thickness of the waffle ceiling could be 25 to 70 cm depending on the span length and the waffle formwork's dimensions, but it can be said that an optimal two-way waffle slab has a thickness between 30 and 40 cm.

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