Waffle Slab Construction using Removable Formworks

In general, the implementation of the waffle slab could be defined step by step as follows:

What is waffle formwork?

Waffle slab is the most technical and economical type of roofs among conventional systems. The main element in the construction waffle slabs is waffle formwork. Different companies manufacture formworks with different materials but generally there are two types of waffle formworks: one-way and two-way. One-way waffle formworks are in rectangular form with the widths of 60 or 70 cm and different lengths. two-way waffle formworks are cubes with different depth.


Waffle Slab Advantages

Removing span length limitations
Waffle slabs could be used for the larger spans and where the number of the columns or their position is of paramount.
High load carrying capacity
The load carrying capacity of waffle slab is much greater than other slabs in equal weight. Also it has much less weight compared to slabs with equal load carrying capacity.
Pleasant appearance with high stability
Waffle slabs have high stability and desirable structure additional to their beautiful appearance which could be used as an exposure. Hence they could be used in building airports, hospitals and so on.
Less vibration and more earthquake resistance
The roof with waffle slab has good vibration control due to the existence of auxiliary reinforcement on both directions. Therefore, it is very suitable for public buildings to control vibration caused by population movement.
Less concrete requirement, compared to the other systems
The waffle slab is lightweight and requires less concrete than all similar systems, so it is cost-effective.

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